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Be Energy Solutions is a turn-key LED lighting conversion solutions provider. We have designed and installed LED lighting conversions that have reduced energy consumption for our clients by ten’s of millions kWh’s annually, saved clients millions of dollars in energy costs, and secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct cash incentives. Our process is proven and it works.


We believe knowledge is power. We will perform a free on-site evaluation of your lighting system and deliver the results in a Comprehensive Energy and Financial Model that makes it easy for you to see the potential cost savings, the return on your investment, and available energy incentives for your project.


After the details of the project have been finalized and approve, we will get to work on preparing incentive applications, financing paperwork, and procuring materials for your installation. Next, we will develop an installation schedule that won’t disrupt your operations.


Once you have seen the numbers and wish to move forward with the project, there is still some work to be done. For a small fee (less than 5% of the total project) we will install samples and perform more detailed photometric analysis to fine tune your project. The Solution Development Fee is credited to the overall project.


Reducing your energy costs by more than 50% will add $1000’s every month to your cash flow. No capital needed to convert your lighting. Financing alternatives available. Reduced maintenance costs. Reduced carbon footprint and zero hazardous waste.

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“Be Energy Solutions saved us over $80,000 per year…And they did all of the work!” – Troy Reehl, Superintendent (Cheboygan Area Schools)

“Be Energy Solutions’ process really helped us understand the positive financial impact that an LED conversion will have on our district! We found a great deal of value in the work they did for us up front.” – Sam Barna, Assistant Superintendent of Business & Operations (Oxford Community Schools)

“We felt this project was a no-brainer for our district and we knew we had to do it. We couldn’t have done this without Be Energy.” – Scott Stoner, Director of Facilities (Concord Community Schools)

Lake Orion Community Schools

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LED Lighting News

Why schools and businesses are switching to LED, health benefits, savings and more!

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For years, sports stadiums have used metal halide lights to illuminate playing surfaces. But now, arenas are turning to LED lights, which have already made inroads in everything from city street lights to Christmas lights. When the San Francisco 49ers were...

Why some businesses are switching to LED lighting

What do bikes, brownies and boats all have in common? Businesses in each of those fields have made the switch to energy-efficient LED lighting and are reaping the benefits. At Grand Central Baking Co., the aroma of fresh baked bread, the buzz of conversation and the...

LED Lighting Boosts Senior Citizens Health in U.S.

Health Benefits of LED Lighting Contribute to Quality Senior Assisted Living at BioStar Lighting’s Project The Piper, research has shown that LED lighting has positive effects on health including reducing headaches, nausea, Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias,...

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