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Lake Orion Community Schools is location in northern Oakland County, Michigan, and serves 7,454 students.

Building converted:

  • Lake Orion High School
  • Scripps, Oakview and Waldon Middle Schools
  • Carpenter, Orion Oaks, Paint Creek, Pine Tree, Stadium Drive and Webber Elementary Schools
  • Lake Orion Board of Education Building
  • Transportation Building


The numbers

Be Energy Solutions is the go-to provider for the school district LED lighting conversions in the state of Michigan and beyond.

Our process is simple and hassle free. We have a 100% customer satisfaction rating and take pride in delivering incredible value.

  • Total District Energy Savings – 62%
  • Average Savings per Building – 49%


Annual Savings

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Our process will take you from audit through execution without adding extra work to your already busy schedule.

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